Degree in Space Exploration
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University of Arizona, USA offers  Degree in Space Exploration. The course is a combination of Science, Math and Physics. Anyone who have big passion for life beyond Earth should embark in this journey. Who knows …

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Aircraft Engineering Malaysia

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Aircraft Engineering is one of the most prestige jobs in Malaysia. Although there aren’t much employment in Malaysia, this niche market is worth to study as you may be hired by the MAS, AIR ASIA or any private company in the world. In terms of salary, Aeronautical Engineers earns USD 2800 to USD 3500 per month for fresh graduates.

Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Institute of Aviation Technology

The university provides the programme for

  1. Bachelor of Aircraft Engineering Technology (Hons) in Mechanical
  2. Bachelor of Aircraft Engineering Technology (Hons) in Avionics
Subjects Covered
  1. Fundamental of avionics
  2. Engineering Math
  3. Maintenance Practices
  4. Electronics Fundamentals
  5. Physics and Aerodynamics
  6. Hydraulic and Pneumatic System
  7. Aircraft Electrical System
  8. Aircraft Control System
  9. Aircraft Fail Safe Design



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